Fley Design


The Idea

The goal was to create a full brand with a website to use as my own portoflio and as a way for people to get in touch with me.


The brand should convey a playful, creative but still professional look and it should have a memorable and simple Logo with a story behind it.


Choosing 1

As a next step were these colors selected to match the previously decided values.
A strong blue as a primary color with an pleasant cream like color as a secondary and a light blue for accents.


Choosing 2

Fonts are also an important part of a digital Identity.
Overpass for heavy and eyecatching Titles and Rubik as a clear and easy to read Text font. For the Logo I chose Freude to add a bit of playfulness.

The Logo

In the following pictures you can see the process of creating the final Logo for the Brand. The drop resembles a tip of a brush and can also be seen as a drop of color or water. Color for creativity and water for the creation of things(life).

Muster 1 Muster 2 Muster 3


If you'd like to get a more detailed look about the brand, you can download the full breakdown PDF and read trough it.
Or you can just have a look around the finished Website.

Download See Result